Burrows, George

Regiment: Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Regiment No.: M66193
Rank: Gunner

George was the oldest son of Robert Burrows and Mary (nee Sneddon) Polluck of Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland. He was born on September 9, 1923. He had four half-brothers on the Burrows side, Thomas, William, Alexander, Hector Borrows; and two half-brothers on the Pollock side, James and John Pollock and two half-sisters, Catherine and Mae Polluck as well as brothers David and Leslie Burrows and one sister, Helen. In 1927, the Burrows family decided to immigrate to Canada and settled in an area known as Glen Leslie where they purchased the E ½ 12-72-4-W6.

George attended the Somme School from 1930 to 1939. He worked on the family farm and for various farmers until he enlisted on September 9, 1941 in Edmonton with the Royal Canadian Artillery, 23rd Field Regiment, and 4th Division. He received his basic training at Camrose, AB; Brandon, MB and Sussex, NB. In July 1943, George sailed for England where he trained until July 1944 when he embarked for France. He was wounded in Belgium in September 1944 and spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital before being released to join his regiment in Holland just two weeks before the war was over. George sailed from England in December 1945, docked in New York; then traveled by train to Calgary and arrived on New Year’s Day. George was discharged on demobilization on February 6, 1946. He subsequently enlisted for service with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, 2nd Field Division, in the Korean War in August 1950. George was sent to Shilo, Manitoba for training until November at which time he was sent to Fort Louise, USA for further training. However, there was a train wreck at Canoe/Blue River, BC between the troop train and the passenger train. Sixty enlisted men were injured and 20 were killed. Instead of carrying on, the enlisted men were sent to Wainwright, Alberta. The dead and wounded were sent to Edmonton. George trained in Wainwright for two weeks and then was sent to Fort Louise where they trained for six months following which the troops embarked for Korea.

George returned to Canada in 1952 after which he joined the Peace Time Army from 1956 to 1959 where he was stationed at Camp Petawawa, ON. George married Alice Paul in 1946 but they later divorced. He never remarried and settled in Victoria, BC for a period of time and then moved to Calgary in 1979 where he resided until his death on February 17, 1992.

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