Bunyan, John

Force: Royal Canadian Air Force

John Bunyan was the son of Reginald Bunyan and Jean McClellan. In 1929 John and his family moved to Wembley AB where his father purchased the Bromley Hardware Store, and moved into the Bromley house a year later. John started school in 1931 in a two room school in Wembley. In his high school years he helped with the harvesting at local farms, one of them the farm of W. Rigby. John did a brief service in WW II in the R.C.A.F., after which he joined his father in the hardware and implement business. In 1946 he married Elizabeth (Betty) Rigby who was his first “steady” girlfriend. They had 3 children: Greg, Rosalyn, and Rhonda. After his father’s death in 1955, John bought out his brother’s share in the business, and he added a grocery store in 1957. John became a District Manager for Massey Fergusen in 1959, and started a farming operation in the 1960’s in Halcourt. John owned the land NW 34-71-8-W6 which he sold in 1962. John, Betty, and children moved to Victoria BC in 1966 where John became a realtor.

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