Bulmer, Thomas Mordy

Regiment: S. A. R.

Thomas Bulmer came to Hythe in 1931 from Dinsmore SK. He married Florence Wright from Goodfare in 1935, and farmed his mother-in-law’s place. In 1942, Thomas enlisted for service in the army in WW II with the S. A. R., and he was posted in Ontario. On June 2, 1941 he was shot in the leg while on guard duty in Niagra Falls, and was in the hospital. After the war he bought a quarter section of land (NW 5-72-12) in Goodfare. The Bulmers had two daughters: Laverne and Mavis. Eventually they moved to a house in Hythe. Thomas had the mail contract and delivered mail until he died suddenly of heart failure at a young age in 1958. His widow remarried and became Mrs. Pat Ivor.

Source: Pioneer Round-Up pp. 69-70, 100
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