Brochu, Gerard

Regimental No.: M 605068
Rank: Private
Force: Army
Gerard Brochu, the son of David Brochu and Alice Ruel, was born on February 13, 1920 in St. Fabien de Panet, Quebec. With his mother and siblings he moved to Girouxville AB in September 1927, because his father had come a year earlier, and had obtained a homestead. At age 19 Gerard enlisted with the Canadian Army. After two months of training in Grande Prairie, and a short period in Calgary, he went to Valcartier QC before being stationed overseas. In England Gerard was first at the military base Cochran Crossroads, then he was transferred to the La Chuadiere regiment. After that he was sent to Normandy, France as part of the Canadian Infantry. Being wounded on D-Day, June 6, 1944, he was sent back to England for recuperation. Thereafter he served in Belgium, Holland, and Germany, and fought until the end of WW II. In 1946 he married Donalda Chabot from Codesa AB, and eventually they had 4 children: Armand, Annette, Helene, and Ronald. Through the VLA, the Brochus had a homestead on the land W ½ – 11-78-235. Renting out the land in 1955, the family moved to Girouxville where Gerard was the village foreman until 1974 when he retired. In 1984, he sold his house and moved to Golden Age Manor in Girouxville. Gerard passed away at age 75 on October 24, 1995 in McLennan AB.

Source: Reflexions Vol. II pp. 392-393
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