Breitkreutz, Edward

Edward Breitkreutz was born in 1920 to parents Ernest Breitkreutz and Olga Duckolki, and he was one of 13 siblings. His parents and family moved from Golden Spike AB to the Wembley AB area on April 27, 1927, arriving by train. Edward grew up on a farm there, and took his early education in Wembley at St. John’s Parochial School. In 1941 Edward enlisted in the army in Grande Prairie AB where his had his training. He was stationed all across Canada, and while in Vancouver he was injured and left with a disability. After serving 4 ½ years, he was discharged in 1945 and helped his family with all aspects of farming. Purchasing the land NE 22-70-9-W6, he began his own mixed farm and eventually had 5 quarters. Edward married Olga Schultz in June 1952 in Wembley. They had 4 sons: Dwayne, Darrell, Colin, and Brent.

Source: Along the Wapiti p. 412 (Name listed under WW II Veterans)
pp. 22-23 (Family photo p. 23)