Boychuk, John

Regimental Number: M 66368
Rank: Private
Force: Royal Canadian Army

John Boychuk was born in 1919. He had 2 brothers: Fred (who was killed in action in WW II), and Billy. After his service in the Royal Canadian Army in WW II, John married Annie Bakuniuk on November 7, 1947. At the time, John lived 4 miles north of Woking AB in what was then called the New World district. The first winter the couple lived in a small cabin with John’s father. John obtained land to homestead from the V L A, 9 miles east of Woking, and in spring of 1948 they moved there and built a house. (Their home quarter was SW 29-76-4-6.) While farming, John worked at the railroad at the same time, and he was a member of the Rycroft Legion. Annie and John had 3 children: Katherine, Fred, and Dmitri. At age 75, John passed away in Spirit River on November 11, 1994, and he was buried in the Greenway Cemetery.

Source: Burnt Embers p. 110 (photo in uniform), pp. 285-286 (family photo)
GP Daily Herald Tribune November 14, 1994 – Obituary