Beattie, John “Jack”

Regiment: South Alberta Regiment- Provost Corps
Posting: overseas with Provost Corps
John “Jack” Beattie was born in Dungannon, Ireland in 1906. He came to Canada in 1926 and worked as a farmhand in Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, and in 1930 he came to Hythe, AB. In 1931 Jack settled in Goodfare AB, renting land to farm. He married Julia Wright in 1934 and he bought an abandoned farm and fixed up the old house. Jack joined the army in 1940 serving 6 1/2 years with the South Alberta Regiment, and was posted in England with the Provost Corps. His duty was personal guard of Kurt Meyer who was the field commander of the German army. Jack and Julia had 4 sons: Austin, Dale, Julian, and Jim; and an infant daughter who died. After living in Goodfare 51 years, Jack died at the age of 78 in Hythe, on May 23, 1984. He is buried in the Hythe Cemetery.