Barry, Gerald

Gerald Barry was a farmer who obtained land in the Eaglesham area from the Veterans Lease Project in 1950. ( 79-26-W5) First he lived in a tent. When he married his wife Doris, they lived in a 12 X 14 foot seed granary. They had crops and gardens, and Gerald was handy with machinery and motor repairs. It was a great tragedy when their 3 year old firstborn son, Laurie, drowned in their dugout. They had 8 more children: Dale, Ronald, Dianne, Gerald Jr., Marina, Laurie (girl), James, and John. In 1962 they moved to Athabasca to farm, (where their last 3 children were born). Gerald died on November 3, 1983
Source: Alberta Land Book
Smoky Peace Triangle pp. 130-131, Photo p. 131
mentioned as Veteran on p. 87