Baranec, Florian

Florian Baranec was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1921. His parents became homesteaders in Sedolia AB. In 1942, at age 21, Florian joined the army, and he was posted in Sicily, Italy, France, Holland, and Germany. Florian also volunteered for duty in the Pacific. He was discharged in 1946, and married Marjorie Bernice Finch the same year, and started farming in Mirror AB. Soon after, they moved to Stettler AB, and had a daughter, Wilma. In 1951 the Baranecs obtained land from the Lassiters Project (land available to veterans), and started homesteading in Wanham AB. (E ½ – 30- 78- 2- W6) Florian died at age 81 (in Wanham or Grande Prairie) in June 2002.
Source: Grooming the Grizzly p. 248
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