Balanko, Mike

Mike Balanko was born in Smoky Lake AB on August 7, 1920. He was youngest of 10 siblings and his parents died when he was very young. He enlisted in the Army in July 1941, and he was posted in Canada, England, and northwestern Europe. In 1945 he was discharged. After WW II he married Mary Monica Sanocki in Codesa AB. They homesteaded in Eaglesham AB where Mike worked for other farmers and sawmills. Later he had a job with the Commissionaires and was often away from home. Mike and Mary had 3 children: Gary, Carol, and Gloria (who died in 1951). Mike died in January 2002 in Eaglesham at age 81.
Source: Smoky Peace Triangle pp. 127-128
Wedding photo p. 128
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