Bain, Melford F.

Melford Bain was born in 1890. He had previous military service in WW I. Around 1929, Melford and his wife Edith, and 3 children moved from Oak Lake, Manitoba to the Peace River Country. Settling in the Mt. Saskatoon school district area, Melford broke land for himself and neighbors, and he also was the secretary of the school board. The local school teacher boarded with the Bains for two years. The family then moved to the North Beaverlodge area near Hay Lake where 2 more daughters were born. In 1936 the Bains moved to White Rock BC, and Melford enlisted in WW II in 1939. Melford died in March 1974 at age 84. He and Edith had 5 children: Robert, Harold, Dorothy, Alona, and Arlene.
Beaverlodge to the Rockies PP. 236-237