Young, Henry M. “Scotty”

Scotty was born on September 9, 1897 in Caithness, Scotland. In 1915, he enlisted in the British Army at Beauly, Scotland. Scotty received shrapnel wounds to his knee in January of 1917. After several months in hospital, he returned to the front in September of 1917. In October of 1918, Scotty went back to Scotland on furlough; in April of 1919, he was discharged. Scotty came to Canada in May of 1920; in 1929, he came up to Spirit River. In 1933, Scotty filed on SW 20-80-8-W6. In 1979, Scotty sold his land, though he remained in the South Peace. Scotty died in 1984 and was buried in the Blueberry Mountain Cemetery.

Sources: The Big Bend p. 98-100