Witherly, Ralph Whitney

Regimental Number: 100072
Rank: Private
Branch: 31st Battalion

Ralph was born in Arthurette, New Brunswick on June 27, 1894. He filed on a homestead at NW 5-72-3-W6 in 1913 (he later filed on land at NW 31-71-3-W6 and SW 1-73-3-W6 as well). In June of 1915, Ralph enlisted in the Canadian Army; his brother Bill also served. On September 28, 1916, Ralph received shrapnel wounds to his right knee. His knee cap had to be removed to extract the shrapnel. In March of 1917, Ralph was invalided to Canada, and a note in his service file dated June 1917 stated that he was quite capable of walking 5 miles. He was discharged on August 5, 1917. On April 5, 1916, Ralph married Laura Winship in Edmonton. They had six daughters. In 1933, Ralph and Laura moved to Vancouver. Ralph was married a second time to Doris Ellen Beale. He died on September 3, 1983.

Sources: Smoky River to Grande Prairie p. 458