Wilson, Gordon Stanley

Regimental Number: 307762
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

Gordon was born in Stratford, Ontario on April 4, 1887. He settled in the Spirit River area in 1914 (LT 33-78-6-W6) and filed on a second quarter at SE 21-77-6-W6 in 1919. In January of 1916, Gordon enlisted in the Canadian Army. He suffered from trench fever in April of 1917, and also was knocked down by a shell that burst near him. On September 27, 1918, Gordon received gunshot wounds to his left thigh. According to his medical records, he also suffered from flat feet and myalgia. After returning to Spirit River in 1919, Gordon married Mava Foster. They had four children The family moved to California in 1936. Gordon died in 1979.

Sources: surname file; Chepi Sepe p. 914; Edson to Grande Prairie Trail p. 189; Pioneers of the Peace p. 265-266; clippings

wife Mava Alice Foster, married 1922