White, Leonard Charles

Regimental Number: 294720
Rank: Trooper
Branch: Canadian Army Veterinary Corps

Leonard was born in Missouri on October 24, 1872; when enlisting in the army, he gave 1876 as his year of birth as he would have been overage. He was living in Weyburn, Saskatchewan at the time of his enlistment in October of 1916 and served in the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps. In March of 1917, a horse fell on Leonard, which injured his left his left hip and leg. In November of 1918, he was hit on the head by a horse, which caused him back and knee problems. In 1919, Leonard came to the South Peace and filed on NW 13-70-12-W6 and SE 28-70-12-W6. Leonard died in Watonga, Oklahoma on August 31, 1933.