Wellwood, Harold Austin

Regimental Number: 427665
Rank: Lance Corporal
Branch: 13th Battalion

Harold was born in Dundalk, Ontario on October 19, 1896. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in Moose Jaw in September of 1915. On September 3, 1916, Harold was dangerously wounded at the Somme (Mouquet Farm). He suffered from shrapnel wounds to the left side of his face, and was in hospital until he was invalided to Canada in June of 1917. The injuries caused vision problems in Harold’s left eye, and hearing problems in his left ear. He also had trouble eating and suffered from headaches. A note in his service file dated May 1917 stated that “the board recommend that he be invalided home without delay.” Harold was discharged on October 31, 1917. He came to the Grande Prairie area, where his brother Edward was homesteading, and filed on land at NE 12-73-5-W6. Harold died on September 19, 1949.