Watts, William Harry

Rank: Honorary Major
Branch: 9th Battalion

William was born in Islington, England on June 11, 1860. In 1879, he was a bugler with the Imperial Forces in Bermuda. William married Sophie De Wolfe Temple, who died in 1903. It is unknown when William came to Canada. William enlisted at Valcartier in September of 1914 and served in England. He spent a lot of time in hospital and was sent back to Canada in July of 1917. William moved to Grande Prairie with his two daughters; he taught music lessons and played the organ at the Anglican church. His son, Harry Temple Watts, visited him here; Harry also served in Canadian Army. In 1918, William filed on SW 23-71-8-W6. He later moved to Edmonton, and eventually to Victoria. William died in Victoria on May 4, 1938.

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