Watts, Alan Kingsford

Rank: Lieutenant
Branch: East Surrey Regiment

Alan was born in Folkestone, England on September 17, 1898. He attempted to join the army at the age of 15 but was turned away. He tried again the following year and this time was sent to Italy and France. After being gassed and buried, Alan was invalided home. He spent the next few years traveling in Canada and South Africa; after coming down with enteric fever, he left Africa. In 1922, Alan filed on the eastern half of 14-70-8-W6. On June 18, 1923, Alan married Selina Cave-Browne; they had two daughters. Both Along the Wapiti and a biography in the surname file contain many interesting stories about their life together. Alan died on March 18, 1957.

Sources: Along the Wapiti p. 278-280, 411; surname file; many news clippings