Watcher, Robert Henry “Harry”

Regimental Number: 2663584
Rank: Gunner
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

Harry was born in Thedford, Lambton, Ontario on December 22, 1891. He apprenticed as a watchmaker for three years in Parkhill, Ontario, then came to Edmonton to work for his brother in 1910. In 1915, after working in various other Alberta locations, he came north and established his business in Grande Prairie. He filed on NE 33-70-6-W6 and NE 13-72-12-W6. In 1916, Harry enlisted in the armed forces, having sold his business to C.S. Hook. He served only in England. After being discharged, Harry returned to Grande Prairie. On December 31, 1926, Harry married Nora May MacEwen, who had come to work for lawyer George Fraser. In 1965, Watcher retired and sold his business to Stewart E. Curry, who built his new Curry’s Jewelers on the site of Watcher’s store. Harry died in 1979 at age 88.

Sources: surname file; Pioneers of the Peace p. 330-332; check for more clippings