Walton, Leonard Douglas

Regimental Number: 3205620
Rank: Private
Branch: 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment

Leonard was born in Ontario on February 9, 1902 (he lied about his age on his enlistment form, stating that he’d been born in 1898). In 1918, he and his twin brother Ben joined the army without telling their parents, although they were significantly underage (see page 39 of Leonard’s service file). Not surprisingly, their parents wanted the boys sent back home, as they were too young to have enlisted. Their mother wrote a letter dated May 17, 1918, requesting that her sons be discharged. Leonard was discovered to be underage in July of 1918, after he had reached England. He was sent back to Canada and officially discharged on November 24, 1918. In 1920, Leonard filed on SE 27-77-20-W5 and NE 33-77-20-W5. He may have served in the RCAF in the Second World War. Leonard died on March 8, 1958.

Sources: land records