Walters, Lewis Garfield

Regimental Number: 522719
Rank: Private
Branch: 7th Canadian Field Ambulance (Cavalry), Canadian Army Medical Corps

Lewis was born in Terherbert, Wales on March 14, 1891. His parents came to Canada and settled in the Three Hills area in 1914. Lewis enlisted in the Canadian Army in August of 1915; his brother Glyndwr was drafted into the army. He sprained his ankle in May of 1916. After being discharged, Lewis came to the MacHenry district to teach. In 1924, he married Clarice J. Thomas, a friend from Wales. They had two children, Margaret and Thomas. Clarice died shortly after Thomas’s birth. Around 1930, Lewis married his housekeeper, Daisy Roberts. They continued to live in the MacHenry district. Lewis died on February 14, 1966.

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