Walker, Charles Hugh “Hiram”

Regimental Number: 782385
Rank: Acting Corporal
Branch: 46th Battalion

Charles “Hiram” Walker was born in Woodstock, Ontario on March 19, 1876. It is possible that he lied about his age when enlisting, as he was 47 when he filed on his homesteads in 1920 (The Big Bend states that he was born in 1874, and there is information in his military medical records indicating an earlier date of birth as well). Hiram served in the Boer War, then worked as schoolteacher in southern Alberta until he served in the Canadian Army during World War I. In August of 1917, he suffered from a slight shrapnel wound to his head. In 1920, Hiram filed on the southern half of 9-80-8-W6. He canceled this homestead, however, and in 1925 refiled by proxy on the southwest quarter while working as a mill foreman in Whitecourt. Hiram died on October 17, 1945.

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