Veysey, Vernon Vain

Regimental Number: 487659
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Army Medical Corps

Vernon was born in Costa, Washington on June 6, 1892. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in Calgary in May of 1915. A note dated August 1917 states that Vernon refused to write a will. In June of 1917, he suffered from Raynaud’s disease; he also had trench foot in December of 1917. Vernon was invalided to Canada in February of 1918, and discharged on April 17, 1918, having been found medically unfit. In 1918, he filed on homesteads at NW 3-78-20-W5 and NW 9-78-20-W5. Vernon married Cecilia Van Nieuwenhoven. According to the present address card in his service file, Vernon’s address in 1922 was Strathcona. Vernon died on June 26, 1963.

Branch: American Army