Tuffill, Harry A.

Branch: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s)

Harry Tuffill was born in London, England in 1887 and immigrated to Canada in 1906. He worked at various trades in Hamilton and Toronto until 1909, when he was offered a position with Walter McFarlane’s survey crew. McFarlane’s contract, that summer, was to survey portions of the Peace River Country of Alberta. Surveyor McFarlane’s field notes list Tuffill as one of the three “head Chainmen” in the 30-man crew that first year. Impressed by the potential of the Peace Country, in 1911 Mr. Tuffill filed on NW 33-73-7-W6. His intention was to build a home for his fiancee, Maud Shattock. The First Great War interfered with those plans and Harry joined the 91st Highlanders from Hamilton. He served overseas and returned to his homestead in 1919. Harry and Maud were finally married in 1920. Mr. & Mrs. Tuffill farmed and lived on the land he filed on for the next 45 years. Harry died in 1965

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