Tingle, Thomas Wilson

Regimental Number: 18251
Rank: Private
Branch: 3rd Battalion

Thomas was born in Leytonstone, England on January 11, 1888. In 1913, he filed on a homestead at SE 12-74-5-W6. When war broke out in 1914, Thomas was among the first men to enlist in the Canadian Army – he signed up at Valcartier on September 23, 1914. Thomas was captured by the Germans in May of 1915 at Ypres, only one month after arriving in France. He had mild influenza in June and November of 1918. Thomas also suffered from kidney problems and nervousness when he was repatriated in 1919, “no doubt due to prolonged confinement and rough handling.” He returned to the South Peace after the war, and filed on SW 24-70-9-W6 in 1920. At some point after the war, Thomas married Sarah. He died in Victoria, British Columbia on November 3, 1961.