Tilley, George

Regimental Number: 444882
Rank: Private
Branch: 14th Battalion

George was born Allainville, Ontario on February 13, 1893. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in June of 1915. On June 3, 1916 at Ypres, he suffered from severe shrapnel wounds to his chest, back, and leg as a result of an explosion. He was invalided to Canada in August 1917, having been found medically unfit. He was still walking with a cane at that time. In September of 1917, George fell while out walking, and broke a bone at the site of an old injury. On April 15, 1918, he was discharged. George filed on homesteads at NE 35-71-1-W6 and NW 36-71-1-W6 in 1919. He stayed in the DeBolt area for four or five years, then moved to Detroit for eight years before returning to the South Peace. George died on March 14, 1983.

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