Thorne, John Albert

Regimental Number: 1038101
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Forestry Corps

John was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin on November 4, 1865 (he lied about his age on his attestation paper and wrote 1870). He was living in Telegraph Creek, BC at the time of his enlistment in August of 1916. According to his medical records, John suffered from a hernia in April of 1918; he was not operated on until April of 1919. After the war, John filed on the southern half of 3-78-24-W5, as well as NW 3-78-24-W5 and SW 2-78-24-W5. He farmed until 1950, when he sold his land and moved into Grande Prairie. John died in Grande Prairie in 1962.

Source: homestead records; Smoky Peace Triangle p. 386