Thompson, John Bosdel

Regimental Number: 101363
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

John was born in Cheshire, England on November 12, 1887. In 1910, he filed on SW 7-72-6-W6 and the eastern half of 12-72-7-W6; he also filed on SE 13-72-7-W6 in 1912. John enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1915. He was gassed several times, which affected his vision; the worst of these gas attacks was at Avion, France in August of 1917. John’s hearing was also affected during his time in the trenches, and deteriorated after the winter of 1916. At some point, John married a woman named Eleanor. John died on April 8, 1955.

Sources: Legion Album; Honour Roll; Sept. 7 1928 p. 1 c. 1 (?); Nov. 26 1942 p. 6 c. 3 (?)