Tate, George

Regimental Number: 811640
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Forestry Corps

George was born in Carleton, Saskatchewan on April 18, 1876. He made his first trip to Grande Prairie in 1903, and was one of the first stenographers in the Alberta government when it was formed in 1905. In January of 1916, George enlisted in the Canadian Army. He injured his shoulder while in training in England; because of his injury, he remained in England during the war, working in an office job. George was discharged on October 15, 1919. When he returned to the South Peace, he filed on the eastern half of 18-73-9-W6, though he later canceled. When the Grande Prairie courthouse opened in 1928, George was appointed assistant clerk. He married late in life. George died on January 3, 1940.

Sources: Across the Smoky p. 224