Taillefer, Alphonse Joseph

Regimental Number: 2138870
Rank: Private
Branch: 2nd Depot Battalion, British Columbia Regiment

Alphonse was born in La Broquerie, Manitoba on November 16, 1894. He was living in Appledale, BC when he was drafted in January of 1918; however, homestead records indicate that he had filed on NW 31-78-20-W5 in 1917. Alphonse was sent overseas, but served only in England. His brothers, Antoine and Edouard, served in the Canadian Army as well. In December of 1918, Alphonse was dangerously ill with pneumonia and influenza. He survived and returned to Canada. In 1925, he filed on an additional quarter at NW 23-77-21-W5. Alphonse left the area in 1933 and moved to Vancouver. He died in Manitoba in 1991.

Sources: By the Peavine in the Smoky of the Peace p. 493