Stewart, George

Regimental Number: 101086
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

George was born in Scotland on July 19, 1889. In 1912 he came to the South Peace and filed on land at SW 17-73-8-W6; however, he abandoned this land (too much gravel for cultivation) and filed on NE 17-74-6-W6 instead. In July of 1915, George enlisted in the Canadian Army. He sprained his right ankle in June of 1916, and on June 9, 1917 he wounded both feet and legs at Vimy Ridge. A shell had burst at his feet and his left foot had to be amputated; there was also a disability of his right foot (on page 59 of his service file, you may view a diagram of the amputation). George suffered from a partial loss of hearing as well. He was invalided to Canada in November of 1917. George remained on his homestead until 1925, at which point he returned to Scotland. George died on January 1, 1960.

Sources: Buffalo Trails p. 139