Steves, Ray Clifford

Regimental Number: 101365
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion; Canadian Army Medical Corps

Clifford was born in Elgin, New Brunswick on August 16, 1891. By 1914 he was living in Grande Prairie, where he worked as a carpenter. He was the contractor responsible for the construction of the Katherine Prittie Hospital in 1914. In October of 1915, Clifford enlisted in the Canadian Army. He suffered from a shell concussion on August 9, 1916; the base of his skull was fractured. Clifford was sent back to England to recover and suffered from shell shock. In October of 1917, he was given permission to marry Edith. They returned to Grande Prairie and Clifford filed on a homestead at NW 28-73-3-W6 in 1921.

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