Stephens, Percy Edwin

Regimental Number: 782363
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

Percy was born in Worcestershire, England on January 20, 1893. At the age of 19, he and his friend Will Hodges came to Canada to find land. They worked on farms across Ontario and Saskatchewan before finally settling in the Beaverlodge area. Percy filed on SW 27-72-10-W6 in 1915 (he filed on NE 4-72-11-W6 in 1929 as well). In April of 1916, Percy enlisted in the Canadian Army. He received shrapnel wounds to his head and left hand on November 1, 1917 and afterward continued to suffer from headaches and dizziness. A medical report from April of 1918 stated that “this man will not be well for a long time” and he was invalided to Canada in June of 1918. On August 17, 1918, he was discharged from the army. After the war, Percy returned to Beaverlodge along with his mother, brother, and sister. In 1928, Percy married Hilda Florence Johnstone, formerly the schoolteacher at North Beaverlodge school. They had three daughters. Hilda died of cancer in 1955. In 1960, Percy married Millicent Cavett. Percy died in Beaverlodge on October 9, 1970.

Sources: Beaverlodge to the Rockies p. 35