Spry, Walter

Regimental Number: 101068
Rank: Corporal
Branch: 31st Battalion

Walter was born in Leskard, Ontario on January 1, 1892. In 1914, he came to the South Peace and filed on a homestead at NE 1-74-5-W6 (he later owned NE 6-74-4-W6 and NE 24-74-5-W6 as well). Walter enlisted in the Canadian Army in July of 1915. On July 15, 1916, he received shrapnel wounds to his left thigh at Ypres. His right leg was wounded at Passchendaele on November 6, 1917. In March of 1918, his leg was amputated below the knee and he was invalided to Canada. Walter was fitted with an artificial leg in Toronto. On August 14, 1918, he was discharged. While recovering in Toronto, Walter met Rosetta (Rose) Keeber, his aunt’s neighbor. They were married on September 6, 1918. Walter returned to his homestead to prepare a home for his bride, who was to join him in spring. However, Rose surprised him by arriving in time for Christmas. Walter and Rose had five children. In September of 1951, he suffered a heart attack. Walter recovered and returned home, but had a second heart attack and died on October 26, 1951.

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