Smith, Edwin

Regimental Number: 437693
Rank: Private
Branch: 46th Battalion

Edwin was born in Saginaw, Michigan on April 1, 1871 (his homestead records indicate that he was 44 in 1913, so he may have lied about his age). In 1913, Edwin filed on a homestead at SE 9-73-5-W6. In addition to farming, he was a painter and worked for the Argonauts. In August of 1915, Edwin enlisted in the Canadian Army. He was gassed at the Somme on November 11, 1916, and discharged, having been found medically unfit due to “sickness” on November 14, 1918. At that time he claimed to be 48, though the medical officer thought he looked five years older. Edwin died on June 13, 1931.