Smith, Edgar Irvin

Regimental Number: 340388
Rank: Driver
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

Edgar was born in Cobourg, Ontario on February 25, 1894. In 1913, he began working for the Bank of Toronto; he was transferred west to Manitoba in 1915. Edgar enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1917. After the war, he returned to his work at the bank and was transferred to Cessford, Alberta. Here he met Cora Potts, whom he married on December 16, 1920. In 1928, Edgar filed on land at NE 2-73-22-W5 and SW 12-73-22-W5. They moved into Grande Prairie in the 1960s. Edgar died in 1991 at the age of 96.

Sources: Grande Prairie Cemetery; surname DB; Where the Red Willow Grew p. 465; July 21 1949 p. 5 c. 2; May 24 1951 p. 1 c. 1