Sellers, Richard “Dick”

Regimental Number: 63843
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 23rd Battalion

Dick was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, England on May 7, 1878. In 1912 he filed on a homestead at SW 13-71-8-W6. Dick enlisted in the Canadian Army in Edmonton in November of 1914. On May 15, 1915, he received shrapnel wounds to his right shoulder at La Bassee; he was discharged as a result of this wound. However, in early 1916 he reenlisted; the board “believe he is now again fit for service, he is anxious to return.” This time Dick gave his present address as Hartney, Ontario. He was married to Mary Anne (who went by Polly), and they had a six year old daughter. Dick died on January 25, 1946.

Sources: Along the Wapiti p. 411