Sanger-Davies, Florian Morgan

Regimental Number: 5/2343
Rank: Lieutenant
Branch: Royal Sussex Regiment

Florian, or Morgan, as he was known, was born in Florence, Italy in 1896, the son of an Anglican minister and his wife. He served as a lieutenant in the British Army (some of his letters are available online at the link below). Morgan came to Canada in May of 1921 and studied at the Vermilion School of Agriculture. Later he bought a farm north of Grande Prairie (18-70-6-W6; 11-72-6-W6). On March 17, 1927 in Hove, England, Morgan married Mabel Edith Bridel of Lewes, England. They returned to Morgan’s farm near Grande Prairie. In 1929, the marriage was annulled. On December 4, 1934, Morgan married Joyce Cave-Browne in Grande Prairie. During World War II, Morgan served in the Canadian Army, this time at several POW camps across Canada. In 1951, he was ordained as a deacon in the Anglican church, and in 1958, he was made a canon. Morgan and Joyce moved to Berwyn and served in the Anglican churches in Berwyn and Grimshaw. Morgan died on January 4, 1963.

Sources: Chepi Sepe p. 813; see database for more news clippings