Sajtovich, Michael

died Sept. 3 1985
change name to Michael

Mike was born in Czechoslovakia on November 6, 1897. He served in the Austria-Hungarian Army during World War I. On May 16, 1921, Mike married Mary. In 1928, Mike came to Alberta and worked as a farmhand for nearly three years, all this time sending his earnings back to Mary and their two children in Czechoslovakia. In 1930, he filed on a homestead at NW 8-79-12-W6. In March of 1933, Mary and the children finally joined Mike in Canada. In 1969, Mike and Mary moved to Dawson Creek, where they were still living in 1981. Mike died on September 3, 1985 and was buried in the Dawson Creek Cemetery.

Sources: Homesteaders Heritage p. 100, 146