Robinson, Marion Verne

Regimental Number: 1401
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Army Service Corps

Marion was born in Iowa on May 17, 1894. It is unknown when he first came to Alberta, but he enlisted in the Canadian Army in Calgary on November 20, 1914. Marion forfeited a day’s pay in January of 1917 for trotting horses on parade, contrary to regulation; he forfeited another day’s pay in May of 1917 for insolence to an NCO. In 1928, Marion filed on the eastern half of 6-75-7-W6 and NE 18-76-7-W6, though he later canceled on these homesteads. He later filed on NE 36-74-8-W6, where the Robinson family lived for a few years before returning to the United States in 1937.

Sources: Buffalo Trails p. 37