Robideau, Roy John

Regimental Number: 3207274
Rank: Private
Branch: 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment; Canadian Army Medical Corps

Roy was born in Stanley, Wisconsin on November 26, 1889. In 1917 he and his family came to the Grande Prairie area; Roy eventually filed on homesteads at SW 9-72-2-W6, NE 24-73-2-W6, and SW 12-72-3-W6. He was drafted into the Canadian Army in June of 1918; his brother William served in the American Army and was killed in action. On July 19, 1919, Roy married an Englishwoman named Margaret Ann Hague. They returned to Roy’s homestead and raised a family of five children. During World War II, Roy served as an orderly for one and a half years in the hospital of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps at the Barracks in Grande Prairie. Later he became a Veteran Guard. Roy died on March 6, 1984.

Sources: Smoky River to Grande Prairie p. 382