Riley, James Philip

Regimental Number: 432983
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

James was born in Belmond, Iowa on August 22, 1886. It is unknown when he first came to Alberta, but he enlisted in the Canadian Army in Grouard on January 28, 1915. James received shrapnel wounds to his back on June 8, 1917, and was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field in August of 1917. On August 17, 1917, he participated in a tug-of-war competition on a Battalion Sports Day. James received gunshot wounds to his right thigh on November 2, 1917. After the war, he came to the South Peace and filed on the southern half of 24-74-4-W6; he canceled both quarters, though he was still living in Grande Prairie in 1922. James died on July 12, 1952 in Vernon, British Columbia.