Reynolds, Arthur Edward Kenrick “Ted”

Regimental Number: 294487
Rank: Private
Branch: 107th Battalion; 12th Battalion, Canadian Engineers

Ted was born in Llandudno, Wales on February 20, 1898. In 1914, he came to Canada and worked on farms in Saskatchewan for the summer. After the harvest, he went to Regina to enlist in the Canadian Army, but he was turned away because of his age. Two years later, in June of 1916, Ted was successful in enlisting in the Canadian Army. In May of 1918, Ted injured his right foot but recovered and was sent back to the front. After being discharged, Ted came to the Peace Country and filed on land at NE 22-74-4-W6, NE 26-74-4-W6, and NW 23-74-4-W6. On December 6, 1927, Ted married Sarah Moore. They had five children. Ted died in August of 1997 and was the last known World War I veteran in the South Peace.

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