Restall, Harold

Regimental Number: 222
Rank: Sapper
Branch: Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps

Harold was born Patricroft (an area of Eccles), Greater Manchester, England on February 17, 1888. In 1909 he came to Canada and worked on farms and in lumber camps in Saskatchewan. Harold enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1915. While in the trenches in France, he met a man from the Peace Country and decided to come here after the war. In 1919, Harold settled in Guy (his land was located at NW 1-76-21-W5, NW 3-76-21-W5, and SE 10-76-21-W5). In 1970/71, Harold moved into the nursing home in McLennan. He died of cancer in October of 1975.

Sources: Guy p. 521