Quevillon, Eugene

Regimental Number: 10196; 86298
Rank: Driver
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

Eugene was born in Oka, Quebec on March 1, 1887. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in Winnipeg in June of 1915. Eugene claimed to have fallen off a wagon while in France, causing an injury to his back, but the doctor who made this note on Eugene’s file could find no record of this injury. It is uncertain whether the doctor believed this story. Eugene did walk with a limp, and was eventually discharged for being medically unfit, though his records are vague concerning the reason for his discharge. In November of 1917, Eugene married an Englishwoman named Alice de F. He was invalided to Canada in December of 1917, and discharged on January 29, 1918. Later that year, he filed on the western half of 28-78-20-W5 and SW 33-78-20-W5. Eugene died on December 27, 1964.