Pringle, John Percival (Jr.)

Regimental Number: 18461
Rank: Lieutenant
Branch: 2nd Battalion

John was born in Kildonan Parish, Manitoba on December 10, 1884. In 1912, he filed on SW 28-78-6-W6. John traveled to Valcartier to enlist in September of 1914. He wrote a series of fascinating letters to the Grande Prairie Herald detailing his experiences at the front. On April 26, 1916, John received gunshot wounds to the neck. On September 9, 1916, John was killed in action southwest of Courcelette. He charged a German machine gun single-handed and killed the crew with his revolver. John was killed as he reached the parapet. In December of 1916, John was awarded the Military Medal for his bravery. His grave marker is inscribed with “The work of righteousness shall be peace.”

Sources: check database for clippings

Books: Canada’s Dream Shall Be of Them; Valour Road, by John Nadler (view on Google Books)