Pratt, Delmar Wentworth

Regimental Number: 467208
Rank: Lieutenant
Branch: 63rd Battalion; 5th Reserve Battalion; 15th Reserve Battalion

Delmar was born on August 2, 1889 in Carleton County, Ontario. In 1913 he came to the South Peace and filed on NE 12-71-6-W6 (after the war, he also filed on SE 20-71-4-W6). In addition to homesteading, he worked in the Grande Prairie post office. Delmar enlisted in the RNWMP in August 1914. In September of 1915, he enlisted in the Canadian army. Delmar was wounded in action three times. In September of 1916, he received a gunshot wound to the head and a shell wound to his nose. At Vimy Ridge on April 10, 1917, he received gunshot wounds to his right arm and left wrist; there were four or more pieces of metal in his arm. On September 27, 1918 he received shrapnel wounds to the head. Delmar was awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous bravery in March of 1919. In December of 1920, Delmar married Mabel Lucille McCordick in his hometown in Ontario. The couple returned to Grande Prairie after the wedding. Delmar died of a heart attack on February 26, 1959.

Sources: Pioneers of the Peace p. 291-292; check database for clippings