Pollock, George Arthur

Regimental Number: 426890
Rank: Private
Branch: 46th Battlalion; 3rd Battalion

George was born in Broadview, Saskatchewan on November 8, 1895. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in April of 1915. In October of 1916, George received gunshot wounds to his right shoulder. He also suffered from lacerations and a fracture to his right leg in September of 1918. After the war, George settled in Medicine Hat. Here he met Mable Wilton; they were married in January of 1921. In 1922, the couple moved to Goodfare to join Mabel’s parents. George filed on the southern half of 15-72-12-W6, in the Lymburn area. In 1928, they moved into Hythe with their three children.

When World War II broke out George felt he must enlist. His wife Mabel was confident he would not be accepted since he was a veteran and did not enjoy good health. He was accepted and joined the armed forces in 1940 along with two of his friends from the Hythe area, Bill Phillips and Bob Teulon.

George was stationed in Calgary and remained there until the war was over. His wife and children joined him after two months. After the war the Pollocks moved to Lloyminster but eventually returned to Lymburn when their daughter-in-law fell ill.

When George’s health was failing, they moved into the Hythe Pioneer Home. George passed away on October 2, 1971.

Source:  Herald Tribune Aug. 1, 1940; Pioneer Round-Up Vol 1 pp191a-197a; Pioneer Round Up p. 361