Paul, Thomas William Holmes

Regimental Number: 624277
Rank: Private
Branch: 78th Battalion

Thomas was born in Sheffield, England on May 18, 1894. It is uncertain when he first came to Canada. When Thomas was in his early/mid teens, Alexander Forbes asked him to drive a team for him from Fort Saskatchewan up to Grande Prairie, which Thomas was eager to do. He made this trip several more times and eventually filed on land of his own in the Grande Prairie area (11-72-6-W6; SE 23-71-5-W6; NW 2-72-6-W6). Thomas enlisted in the Canadian army in January of 1916. He was wounded twice; a gunshot wound to his head in April of 1917, and to his left foot in September of 1918. Thomas was married to Norah Annie Fish. He died in Grande Prairie on March 24, 1969.

Sources: surname database; Pioneers of the Peace p. 191