Patrick, Frank Ferguson

Regimental Number: 624767
Rank: Private
Branch: 8th Battalion

Frank was born in Kingston, Ontario on January 31, 1893. The Patrick family moved to Lacombe in 1900, and in 1910 Frank and his brother Arthur came to the South Peace where Frank filed on a homestead at SW 2-73-8-W6. He enlisted in the Canadian army in February of 1916. Frank received gunshot wounds to his left leg on August 15, 1917 at Lens. In October of 1918 he was sent back to Canada, having been weakened by pleurisy. He was discharged on December 12, 1918. According to a document in Frank’s service file dated December 1916, he was engaged to Mary Winter Doddington. Frank died in Camrose on July 9, 1969.

Sources: Lake Saskatoon Reflections p. 193; Pioneers of the Peace p. 99; Statement of Death (p. 27 of service file)